We offer tailored, sustainable, creative weddings.

We know that a wedding day is one of the most important occasions you’ll celebrate, so why compromise? Too many weddings are prescriptive and the opportunity to be creative isn’t always possible. With our wealth of resources all salvaged from film and television, and our team of creatives, we are able to provide endless options to inspire you or simply develop your ideas further. 

We pride ourselves in our ability to get to know the client, what makes them tick, their interests and tastes and together, we build a vision.

Once the visuals are confirmed, the design process will begin; we source all materials and items required to bring the look to life. We have a huge range of materials in stock, which can be adapted to suit your needs and make your wedding shine with personality. Throughout the process we keep in touch regularly to discuss progress and ensure everything is going to plan, we also regularly update you on the build.

What do we offer?

Mood board and colour schemes, table settings, floral décor, glassware and furniture, lighting, photo opportunities, games and entertainment; we will ensure the wedding is unique to you, and all our effort will go into making sure that it is the desired look and feel you are after. 

We work within your wedding budget and we will make sure we keep within your budget at all times.

On the day, we’ll be there to assist and oversee set-up to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

Contact: Please get in touch to discuss any ideas and how we could help by emailing enquiries@dresd.co.uk or calling 07810567067.