Our services have been recognised by the BBC and Albert.

We offer a number of solutions for reducing waste to productions, however there are a number of other ways productions can be more sustainable. These are some key top tips for incorporating sustainable best practice in your production.

  • Use a carbon calculator to measure your carbon footprint, then take the time to plan the necessary steps to reduce this
  • Sign-up to receive carbon literacy training and seek to become Albert certified
  • Check whether you comply with the voluntary best standard for film, also known as the BS 8909. This is the British standard for film sustainability, giving a framework for organisations and productions to follow
  • Ensure sustainability messages are delivered throughout the production process and organisation, and incentivise achievements
  • Make use of Albert suppliers
  • Incorporate the use of reclaimed or salvaged materials in your production
  • Implement a waste management plan which ensures the minimum possible amount of waste going to landfill
  • Communicate which policies are being implemented and set goals you’d like to achieve
  • Sustainable production requires collaboration and commitment from the whole production team, get everyone involved and make it an enjoyable process
  • Promote and encourage others to do the same, both in your own organisation and to external stakeholders - create active industry conversation

For more information on applying sustainable best practice methods to your production, please visit the Albert website, for a comprehensive list of green production tips.

For a list of Albert suppliers, visit: http://wearealbert.org/inspiration/suppliers.