Our extensive studios can cater to a number of productions. They have previously been home to shows such as Dr. Who, Mr. Nice, Torchwood and numerous other productions.

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We have four studios available, including a green screen infinity studio and numerous other rooms that can be adapted to suit any productions needs.

We can provide assistance with sustainable set-builds, and offer workshop hire. We are a friendly creative team, dedicated to giving our clients a productive, convenient and sustainable service.

We can support with overseeing and monitoring the production process, ensuring that sustainable best practice methods are adopted. This includes:

  • A team of experts with the knowledge and skills to make your production more sustainable

  • An aim to achieve zero waste to landfill on the productions we work with. Through our services, a number of productions have lowered their carbon footprint by adopting this method of sustainable practice

  • Collaboration from the onset with productions to identify the materials being used and possible routes of re-distribution. We like to work with productions from start to finish, to ensure that we are doing the best we can to reduce waste, and ensure its reusability

  • Support in the re-thinking and re-designing of sets to increase their reusability and lifespan - building with recycling in mind

  • Our in-house specialist team can sort and recycle the materials, and provide a report of how and where sets have been reused

  • If suitable, materials can be donated to a chosen charity, helping to support your Corporate Social Responsibility

Our services

An all encompassing, professional and reliable service that is both cost-effective and enables the production to meet its corporate social responsibilities. With our help you can:

  • Reduce unwarranted need to use waste to energy or landfill

  • Avoid unnecessary use of skips, and additional break down recyclable skips

  • Avoid expensive landfill taxes

We can help you with:

  • Certified forklift drivers

  • Runners

  • De-riggers

  • Loaders

  • Sustainable waste disposal services

We will be introducing a number of additional services to the studios in late 2017. This will include a makeup room, dressing room, additional production offices, crew accomodation, production meeting rooms, on-site shop and kitchen facilities.

A unit base for production caravans, pop-ups and actors trailers will be available from October 2017, located on Cardiff docks, totalling 48,000 sq ft. This will feature 24 hour access and security.


We promote sustainable set building where ever possible, but especially for low budget productions. We specialise in the reuse of materials, and offer a reused set build service both on-site at our studios in St Athans and off-site at any location. Our set builds are created through reclaimed and salvaged materials and incorporate props, finishes and art department changes; all at affordable prices.

Our services have been recognised by Albert, which supports an environmentally sustainable future for the TV and Film industries.

For more information, please contact enquiries@dresd.co.uk


We offer complete derig and clearance services. We work efficiently alongside the on-site production team before and during film strike to meet the clearance objectives and remove waste swiftly yet sustainably.

  • Vehicles and staff are organised and managed by us, including a fully qualified de-rig team

  • A specialist team trained in the sustainable repurposing of film set materials

  • Certified forklift drivers

  • Asset collection with offset costs for any good reusable props

  • Distribution operations

  • 50,000 sq ft of secure physical storage for all set materials, as well as containers and artic box lorry storage. Any goods stored by us that are no longer needed by the production are automatically sorted at no extra cost to the production company

  • Complete clearance including non-recyclable goods.

We also provide clearance support for commercial, industrial and household materials. Please enquire for more information at enquiries@dresd.co.uk. 

freelance art direction

We offer a freelance Art Direction service for various productions. Our Art Director will work with your production to realise the Production Designer's creative vision for the set, giving the production it's own unique visual identity. The Art Director works on feature films, commercials and television productions, however is able to work on bespoke projects upon request. 

Please inquire for more details.


We have a number of facilities for storing production sets, high cube 40ft container storage at Cardiff Docks and St Athans. Once the production agrees what they would like done with the materials on set, we can either offer:

  • A recycling option, allowing materials to be added to the supply chain for further reuse

  • Re-distribution, where materials are added to our bank available for events and interior design

  • Donated to a nominated charity, and helping to support your CSR, or

  • They can be stored with us in the secure premises if required for re-shoots. Our team can help with organising transport and delivery, and can store the inventory for you.