Dresd Outlet

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Welcome to the Dresd Outlet, our online shop where you can purchase low-cost, recycled materials from various productions. These materials are readily available to any productions or filmmakers who are looking for a sustainable alternative to creating brand new sets. With this initiative, we aim to support productions in cutting the carbon footprint caused by set waste. Join the movement and achieve a greener production by using recycled materials. 

Please note, the shop is currently under construction and items will be added in the near future, so stay posted.



We collect and store a wide range of reclaimed film and TV materials. We offer a unique service whereby materials collected are hired back into the industry at a much lower cost than purchasing new set items. We also provide an outlet for low cost purchases of set pieces and materials for reuse.

Access to the prop house will be available for filming both on and off-site; however, further discounts are available to those filming at our studios.

Prop inventory and hire coming soon.