Creative Course

We will be starting a Creative Course Which will include all of the below

You will start in bronze, you will be working towards a goal, at the end of your course you will of had to of made a portfolio of all your work and research on this course to move up into Silver/Gold

These Courses Will Start from 7th Of November Once a week for 6 Weeks - 4pm till 6pm

Age 6 to 18

£175 Per Half Term

Arts Award Course, You can study any of the following -


  • Costume / Fashion

  • Set Building / Construction

  • Prop Making

  • Film Production / Film Making

  • Dance


  • Theatre Makeup

  • SFX Makeup

  • Beauty Makeup

  • Makeup Design

Fine Art

  • Paints / Materials

  • Paint Techniques

  • Pencil Drawing

  • Working With Paint

  • Pop Art


  • Flip Book

  • Stop Motion

  • Caricature

  • Filming Tech

  • Comic Book

Working Behind The Camera

  • Photography

  • Cinematography

  • Lighting

  • Sound Effects / Audio

If what you’d like to study is not listed above, please let us know and you can still study your own subject in your Arts Award Course.

You will be given the opportunity to explore Arts

such as Film or Theatre, Fine Art or Design... you will build a portfolio of work that takes you through the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards stages

Opportunity to gain an accreditation will be available to those who would like to; but there will not be pressure to do this...

There will be minimal written work and all portfolios can be built using various applications to suit each individual needs

Accreditation takes place by an external moderator from the Arts Council

**Moderator Fees apply

Your child will be given the opportunity to learn the basics within a selection of art subjects as listed within term 1

This then gives them the opportunity to investigate and develop certain areas of the arts that they find is of interest to them and start to produce a portfolio of work that demonstrates their learning

The option then is to either build the portfolio for their own benefit or for submission for their Arts Award

Your child’s abilities and knowledge in the arts would be assessed internally as to whether they start at Bronze or Silver level

The Arts Award levels equal the following:

Bronze: NCFE

Silver: GCSE

Gold: AS level

A child can achieve these levels at various ages and it is not based on age, but on ability and understanding and lastly being able to confidently demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of a specific or accumulated chosen subject

There is very little written work and how they demonstrate their work can be through various platforms which suit your child’s needs

The course is run within term timetables and is a roll on... so your child can attend for as long as they like and develop as far as they like

Payment for each half term is in advance and the £175 is based on the average 6 weeks half term

It would be adjusted up or down if the half term weeks adjust

Refunds will not be given if you drop out during a half term timetable as places for this course are limited

All materials in class for applications will be available at no addition fee

Additional fees will be incurred and notice given in advance for the following:

•Makeup kits (if doing makeup)


•Art pads/sketch pads

•Moderation fees for Arts Award submission (usually done in a group and cost split down)

*All items can be purchased from DRESD at competitive costs

We encourage individual learning, but equally encourage working in a team!

All staff are DBS enhanced checked and all hold current certificates

All staff are artists/set builders or designers and children will get to work alongside these various artists

Guest artists in specific areas such as set design may do masterclasses at certain stages

*DRESD is a working film studio and there will be times when we may arrange for visits to set or work experience within a set; attended at all times by a DRESD member of staff*

Places are limited so please book your place early

DRESD terms & conditions:

•DRESD will not tolerate bullying

•DRESD has a code of conduct to which we will expect all children and parents to adhere to at all times

•DRESD will not take your child out of the classroom for outside activities without parental consent

•DRESD will not take photos of your child or a group without parental consent

•DRESD staff have to be respectful, understanding and polite at all times in all situations