We've worked with a number of clients over the years, and have a successful track record of project delivery.



“We will always be hugely grateful to Dresd, for all their hard work, not only sourcing building materials and prop items to construct the Blue Door set, but also for their brilliant creative efforts. It is amazing that through reading the script and holding many skype meetings between London and Cardiff (also reducing unnecessary mileage and carbon emissions!) they were able to build, dress and bring to life Blue Door using entirely reclaimed supplies.”

— Producers Megan Pugh and Ben Clark, The Blue Door

“We were very interested in their policy of recycling, artistic inventiveness with the scrap material and scope for set storage that they offered...the team were extremely helpful and positive from the start and managed to organise all the transport and labour in a very efficient manner. Everything went according to plan and I would not hesitate to highly recommend them to any film planning on putting a similar scheme in place.”

— Patrick Schweitzer, Les Miserables, Barricade Productions

"A massive thank you from everyone at the Girl Effect team to Dresd, for your time, enthusiasm, energy and passion at the first ever Girl Effect Live event last Sunday.
The immersive experience was definitely one of the major highlights of the day, it
was such a compelling and authentic experience that really brought people closer to
issues that face millions of girls living in poverty.
The event was a big moment for us, the first time we've ever gone out publicly to
speak to young people, especially young girls in the connected world, to learn and
be inspired about the potential for girls living in poverty around the world. The
response we have received has far exceeded our expectations and has contributed
towards the huge success of the Girl Summit which led to hundreds of thousands of
pounds worth of investment in girls and multiple pledges to end child marriage and
FGM around the world.
Your part in the Girl Effect movement was invaluable and for that we are super

— Oyin, Girl Effect

“Look no further than Dresd.”

— Livia Firth, Eco-Age

“The guys at Dresd are the most creative resourcing buccaneers you’ll ever meet! We fell in love, as a family with their passion for the environment, and the re-using of all sorts of materials in creative ways a few years ago. Consequently our house is full of exciting pieces of recycled art, and practical toys inspired by them and made by the children! At the heart of what they do is to offer an antidote to the disposable lifestyle we lead. They do it with passion, resourcefulness, determination, but crucially a brilliant eye for style and creativity which means you never have to compromise your project. I love what they do, how they do it, and couldn’t recommend them enough for whatever challenge you may have for them!”

— Ben Shepard, Television Presenter

“I’ve long lamented the fate of all the beautifully crafted film sets I see: no sooner is a scene finished then they head for the landfill - or at best eternal storage. Dresd have taken on the task of saving them where possible and reusing them for events - to spectacular effect. I’ve worked with them many times now - the team are a joy to work with and the results dazzling.”

— Colin Firth, Actor

“An energetic, exciting company with heaps of talent and an amazing dedication to the environment.”

— KT Tunstall, Singer-Songwriter

“We are very pleased with our experience working with Dresd on multiple film productions. Their flexibility in operations and creativity in reuse has shortened our wrap times and helped our company progress in our environmental initiative. Dresd has not only proven to be a great resource to our film productions but to the studio as well. ”

— Shannon Bart, Sustainable Production Manager, Universal Pictures

“Dresd delivered the brief perfectly in every way, as well as being on budget and on time. Our ‘Coronation’ window display was fit for a queen. ”

— Cass Stainton, Dege & Skinner