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We provide the broadcast industry with a viable, cost-effective and sustainable alternative to set waste being sent to landfill or waste to energy. We are a certified albert supplier and recommended by the BBC, helping to support an environmentally sustainable future for the TV and film industries.

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Find out about our quick, efficient and cost-effective set clearance, storage and recycling services.

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Our extensive studio spaces, which formerly served as an RAF aircraft hangar can be hired and adapted to suit any production’s needs.

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Creative and sustainably sourced event and interior builds, using recycled film materials. 

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A huge selection of props and sets, salvaged for reuse from a number of productions. 

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“We will always be hugely grateful to Dresd, for all their hard work, not only sourcing building materials and prop items to construct the Blue Door set, but also for their brilliant creative efforts. It is amazing that they were able to build, dress and bring to life Blue Door using entirely reclaimed supplies.”
— Producers Megan Pugh and Ben Clark, The Blue Door
“I’ve long lamented the fate of all the beautifully crafted film sets I see: no sooner is a scene finished then they head for the landfill, or at best eternal storage. Dresd have taken on the task of saving them where possible and reusing them for events - to spectacular effect. I’ve worked with them many times - the team are a joy to work with and the results dazzling.”
— Colin Firth, Actor
We are very pleased with our experience working with Dresd on multiple film productions. Their flexibility in operations and creativity in reuse has shortened our wrap times and helped our company progress in our environmental initiative. Dresd has not only proven to be a great resource to our film productions but to the studio as well. ”
— Shannon Bart, Sustainable Production Manager, Universal Pictures


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Founder Lynn McFarlane has been shortlisted for the Entrepreneur for Good category at the 2019 NatWest Great British Entrepreneur Awards for the Wales region!