We promote sustainable set building where ever possible, but especially for low budget productions. We specialise in the reuse of materials, and offer a reused set build service both on-site at our studios in St Athans and off-site at any location. Our set builds are created through reclaimed and salvaged materials and incorporate props, finishes and art department changes; all at affordable prices.

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We offer complete derig and clearance services. We work efficiently alongside the on-site production team before and during film strike to meet the clearance objectives and remove waste swiftly yet sustainably.

  • Cost effective and reduction on waste to energy or need to use waste management companies
  • Removal of all materials from set by our fully insured, experienced team of professionals
  • Full liaison with production team before, during and on film strike to remove waste swiftly
  • Film/TV set waste is re-purposed by us for re-use and/or re-sale
  • Storage of items in film lock upon request

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Our services have been recognised by Albert, which supports an environmentally sustainable future for the TV and Film industries.