We have four spacious filming studios, based in St Athan, Cardiff, Wales. With a total of 49,000 sq ft of indoor space as well as a further 144,000 sq ft extensive outdoor filming area, the studios and additional facilities can cater to a variety of productions. The in-house team are always on hand to help and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Over the next few months, we will be introducing additional facilities to the studios for productions including a makeup room, dressing room, crew accomodation and further production offices. 

More information about the studios

Studio 1

Our largest space in the studio, with a total of 13,900 sq ft, is perfect for productions that require expansive spaces. It is suitable for full set-builds and long-term residency, which we are very happy to accommodate.


W: 113’ x L: 123’ x H: 47’ to the apex

Studio 2

Studio 2 has a total space of 4,920 sq ft, ideal for smaller set builds, music promos or interviews.


W: 56’ x L: 88’ H: x 47’ to the apex

Studio 3

A total space of 5,280 sq ft.


W: 60’ x L: 88’ x H: 47’ to the apex

There is an option to open all three studios to create one large filming space.

Studio 4

Studio 4 is a green screen infinity studio, which boasts 5,000 sq ft of space.

W: 50’ x L:100’ x H: 26’ at highest point x H:17’ to lowest point

Outdoor filming space

There is a total of 144,000 sq ft of outdoor filming space. 

Unit base and storage facilities

We have unit bases and storage facilities located on Cardiff docks, totalling 48,000 sq ft of space. 


We have two fully equipped production office spaces available.

A number of rooms are also available, which can be adapted to suit any production’s needs.

Room 1

W: 10' x L: 20' x H: 8'

Room 2

W: 10' x L: 21' x H: 8'


W: 14' x L: 12' x H: 8'

Room 4

W: 12' x L: 12' x H: 8'

Room 5

W: 24' x L: 12' x L Shape which provides W:11' x L: 14' H: 8'

Room 6

W: 21' x L: 12' x H: 8'

Utility room

W: 21' x L: 16' x H: 8'

The utility room includes sinks, washing machines, tumble driers, fridges, baths for dying, a hanging area and driers.

Workshop room

W: 44' x L: 82' x H: 28' at highest point x H:18' at the lowest point

The includes carpentry and metalworking facilities. 

For further information about studio hire, please contact enquiries@dresd.co.uk