'Dresd works towards changing mind sets, implementing change and assisting in the practicality of change in one of the UKs largest creative industries.'

Lynn McFarlane, Founder of Dresd

Having worked in the creative industry for some years before starting Dresd, I came to realise that colleges and art departments were not encouraging the re-use of materials and a lot of it was being wasted. My initial response to this was to set up private workshops to enable students and creatives to explore the use of reclaimed materials in both their planning and execution of their art. Materials at that time were sourced from both ordinary household and industrial waste.

My creative awareness of materials being made available in industry waste led me to explore the wider field. Working alongside companies like Ford motor company, I started to design and create re-usable items such as furniture and lamps, with the help of my husband and business partner Duncan McFarlane, whose background in engineering played an important role.

Leading on from the design of materials we began to explore the event industry and how we could put sustainability into event building; creating pieces for events and then allowing materials to be re-used in further work. This took us into a whole new realm of industry, and we soon found ourselves creating for leading actors and slipping slowly into the film industry.

The processes taking place in both the film and TV industries came as quite a shock to us, considering the work we were doing with re-use of materials. We soon realised that skips were the main answer for productions, as a quick easy solution to the removal of whole sets. At this time, we realised that we had to do something to change this.

We set about talking to leading production companies and visiting various productions to see what was happening and how we could implement that change. Our job was to try and support in a cost effective way, and one that tackled some of the bigger problems with waste in the TV and film industry, one small step at a time.

We continue to grow and to help those that want to change production practise, by offering support and meeting timescales whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

We continue our important work, and are now moving into a new phase of our business. A staple for us in terms of being able to provide a new, sustainable hub and solution for ethical filming. 

Ethical practice is what we all want to achieve; some have barriers that need to be overcome and mind sets need changing.. but we are all working towards the same goal and taking the ideas from the boardroom and implementing them is all we can do as part of a team; that team consists of every member of this wonderful industry.
— Lynn McFarlane