The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange

We are proud to have worked on the Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, a unique initiative bringing together a wealth of design and artisan fashion talent across the Commonwealth’s 53 countries.

The initiative was launched by Commonwealth Secretary General the Rt Hon Patricia Scotland and Livia Firth, Founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age, who initiated and produced the Fashion Exchange project.

The exhibition launched earlier this week, on February 19th at Buckingham Palace during London Fashion Week. On behalf of Her Majesty The Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, HRH The Duchess of Cambridge and HRH The Countess of Wessex hosted a reception to celebrate and showcase the designs, designers and artisans.


As part of the project, we designed and dressed the exhibition using recycled, and sustainable materials. We created over 40 up-cycled headdresses which were made using 6,000 pieces of reclaimed film-set paper. Each headdress was handmade, with over 4,000 flowers in total. Over 600 Swarovski crystals were also used in the headdresses. Other materials used included recycled film-set staging from a recent BBC production, which were made into plinths to display each of the 31 looks. Approximately 118 tons of recyclable materials were recovered from this same production, these now form a part of our recycling and sustainability initiative. 


Taking part in sustainable events gives us the unique opportunity to continue using these materials in creative ways. It also allows us to reduce the harmful impact caused by creating new materials. By recycling sets we are reducing the carbon footprint of production, and reducing unwarranted waste. 

The exhibition is now running from 22nd February until 6th March at Australia House, London, WC2B 4LA. Later this year the exhibition will go to New York, and beyond. 

Those who cannot make it to the London showcase and exhibition in person, will be able to access an online exhibition and digital platform hosted by Google Arts & Culture. For more information, please visit:

For more information on The Commonwealth Fashion Exchange, please see:

Photo Credit: Sean Ebsworth Barnes