The Blue Door

The Blue Door is a British horror short film directed by Paul Taylor and produced by Megan Pugh and Ben Clark. The production won Best Narrative Short Film at the Short to the Point Festival, and more recently Best Short Film at the Hollywood Just4Shorts Film and Screenplay Competition.

We were thrilled to have worked on this short, and to support the team in reducing the environmental impact across the entire production process. We focused on creating an entirely recycled set, utilising set pieces and props from previous productions and adapting as necessary so they are unique to Blue Door. This allowed the production to significantly cut carbon and waste. 

Producers Megan Pugh and Ben Clark “we will always be hugely grateful to Dresd, for all their hard work, not only sourcing building materials and prop items to construct the Blue Door set, but also for their brilliant creative efforts. It is amazing that through reading the script and holding many skype meetings between London and Cardiff (also reducing unnecessary mileage and carbon emissions!) they were able to build, dress and bring to life Blue Door using entirely reclaimed supplies.”

Congratulations to the cast and crew, please do check out the trailer and watch the film when it is released. 

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