Building a traditional English Pub from recycled sets


We brought some festive fun to FOCUS 2017 by exhibiting our work as a traditional English pub for the international conference. The pub was used for a number of events at FOCUS, including the opening reception. It was a prime spot for grabbing a drink and networking with industry professionals. We were thrilled to make some new connections and to see some old friends at the event.

The sets used to create the pub included productions such as ITV’s Endeavour, BBC’s Poldark, The World’s End, Doctor Who and Sony’s TV series Snatch. We salvaged around 500 tonnes from these various productions, preventing landfill, reducing carbon and allowing sets to be recycled for further use. With our facilities in Wales, we hope to attract more industry professionals to this way of working. 

Lynn McFarlane adds:

“We aim to provide a sustainable hub for television and film productions, where filmmakers can access used materials for their work, reducing the need to build brand new sets. 

“Most of the salvaged items would have ended up in landfill, but they now form part of a reclaimed prop house for the production industry.”

We were part of the Green Zone at FOCUS, along with organisations such as albert and AdGreen. Both aim to address the environmental impact of the production and broadcast industry. 

We believe collaboration is key going forward, and look forward to working with old and new colleagues in 2018. 

Congratulations to the FOCUS team for putting on yet another successful event, and we look forward to next year.