Film/TV Production Set Clearance

Q: What do I need to do to organise a set clearance?

A: We offer a complimentary site visit to assess the amount of waste, then quote for the individual job.

Please contact us on +44(0) 7810 567 067 or email to enquiries@dresd.co.uk

Q: Where are you based and can you cover the entire UK with your service?

A: We are based in St Athans, Cardiff and cover the whole of the UK. 

Q: What do you do with the waste that's collected?

A: We sort the waste we collect into categories, then re-use it for interior design, events and set dressing as well as re-purpose it back into the industry

We also donate a considerable amount of household items to various charities

Q: What insurance do you have?

A: Drèsd has in-house insurance which covers our vehicles; employers and public liability up to 10 million pounds. We also hold a waste carriers licence.

Q: Do you organise everything, including the humpers and vehicles?

A: We organise appropriate vehicles and drivers; drivers and assistants also actively collect and load and we are able to supply additional humpers to the production at a competitive daily rate.

Q: What can you clear from a production set?

A: Please ask and we'll let you know, but we can collect most things including wood, furniture, flats, fabric, costumes, metal, plants, polystyrene, paint, lighting, plastics, glass, office supplies and sundries.

Q: How do I know you dispose of waste responsibly?

A: We pride ourselves on our responsible, sustainable removal and then re-use of salvaged waste. On request we can provide details of the type of waste we have disposed of and the sustainable way we prevented it from being sent to landfill. Clients are happy to provide us with testimonials, which we publish here (link to 'Clients'). We hold a waste carriers licence.

Q: Are you a registered independent company.

A: Yes we are a limited company and not affiliated to any other registered company.

Q: Are you a not for profit or charitable enterprise.

A: No, we are a registered limited company that uses profits to grow the services. However, certain aspects of our work are offered FOC, such as organising and delivering donations to charity.

Q: How much does it cost per skip to clear a set?

A: We provide a complimentary site visit to accurately assess and cost each clearance

Q: If I want to buy something from a set, how can I do that?

A: Make an appointment to visit our warehouse in Essex, or email us with an enquiry as we have an ever changing bank of stock, you cannot purchase items from individual film or tv, only for reuse as a changed unrecognisableitem 

Q: Can you provide me with a report to show how waste was disposed of?

A: Yes, by arrangement we can provide the client with a report detailing the waste removal and subsequent re-use. We also supply on-going reports to productions as and when pieces are used for key events or productions.

All donations to charities are catalogued and letters of receipt obtained and supplied back to productions.

Q: Can I buy individual items, such as theatrical flats?

A: Yes. providing the item is not used representing another production, there are strict rules and no disclosure will be given for production to production

Buying from Drèsd.

Q: Where can I browse what you are hiring or selling?

Please request an online Inventory by contacting enquiries@dresd.co.uk or visit our site in Wales open 8am to 5pm daily; weekends only by appointment